Poultry Feed Broiler


Pre-starter Crumbs

The pre starter feed is crumbled after pelletization into particles having size of 1-2 mm. The wholesome feed is meant for broiler chicks from day 1 until the age of 10-14 days, and takes proper care of a bird’s basic nutrition requirements for initial development of all internal organs. The growth being as high as 400% in the first week and 200% in second week, the pre-starter crumbs act as the perfect catalyst for enhanced performance of the first two weeks.

Starter Crumbs

The starter feed is also the crumbled pellets having particle size of 2-3 mm. The feed is meant for chicks aged between 11-25/28 days, and aimed towards satisfying the dietary needs of birds at this age for faster growth.

Finisher Pellets

The pelleted feed, having size of 3 mm, is meant for birds of age ranging between 25th / 28th day until the culling of bird. The pellet feed has been the traditional hallmark AMRIT product by SAIPL.

Poultry Feed Brands – Amrit Hygro& Amrit Jeevan

Broiler Concentrate (BC)

The Broiler Concentrate is in the form of Mash feed with particle size of 1-3 mm, providing a solution to farmers having their own maize production. The BC has all the nourishment in the optimally balanced ratio (vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, etc.) and can be added to the ground maize for feeding the birds.

Counter Pellets

The counter pelleted feed has a size of 3 mm. It acts as a feed for birds kept by retailers and wholesale dealers at the sales counter before trading or culling.